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7 Days 6 Nights

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About this tour

This tour begins with half day orientation tour to cover Moscow’s beautiful landmarks. Metro Tour comes next in this list, with an interesting story to entertain for each and every station. Next comes the Victory Park, a memorial complex built in dedication of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany. This is followed by a visit to the Black Sea Coast and a tour to Sochi City, which is a perfect place for sports lovers.

A local English speaking guide will assist you during the tour.


  • Electronic Visa support letter for Russia
  • All currently applicable taxes in Russia
  • Private air-conditioned transport (Car/Minivan/Sprinter)
  • English speaking guide
  • All private transfers without guide assistance
  • Buffet breakfast at the hotels
  • Registration fee at hotels
  • 2 nights accommodation in Moscow
  • 2 nights accommodation in Sochi
  • 2 nights accommodation in St Petersburg
  • Hand sanitizer,Masks
  • City tour Moscow
  • Metro
  • Victory park
  • Cathedral Mosque Moscow
  • City Tour Sochi
  • Visit Black sea Coast
  • Visit Olympic park in Sochi
  • City tour Spb
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Outlet Pulkovo
  • St Petersburg Mosque


Our driver will meet you at arrival hall After meeting, you will proceed to hotel for check in Check In Free time to relax Overnight at hotel in Moscow

Breakfast at the hotel 10:00 Meeting with English-speaking guide at reception Proceed to Moscow City Tour. This is a half-day orientation tour that will take you around the city and cover Moscow’s landmarks (all monuments from outside): Red Square, the Cathedrals of St. Basil and Our Lady of Kazan, the biggest History Museum of Russia, the Trading Arcades of GUM, Lenin’s tomb, St. Sofia’s Embankment, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, New Maiden Convent, Moscow State University campus a panorama platform on Vorobiovy (Sparrow) Hills, The White House of the Russian Federation etc. Metro Tour: Famous for being the most beautiful metro system in the world, each metro station has a story to tell. An entirely different design for each station, the Russian metro is a sight for sore eyes with the statues and chandeliers that line the ceilings! On the way, we will stop at various metro stations to learn about the history of each station and appreciate the marble floors, mosaic, and stain glass work that makes these metro stations so tasteful and elegant. While some stations look like palaces, others look like picture galleries. BREATHTAKING RUSSIA Victory park: Victory Park is a memorial complex dedicated to Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany. It is located in the historic area of Moscow known as Poklonnaya Hill, which means "Bow Hill". It's one of the highest spots in Moscow - in old times travellers approaching the capital from the west used to climb onto the hill to get a beautiful panoramic view of the city, and would bow to Moscow. Moscow Cathedral Mosque: Moscow Cathedral Mosque is the main mosque of Moscow, Russia. It is located on Olimpiysky Avenue, close to the Olympic Stadium in the centre of the city. 18:00 End of services at the hotel Overnight at hotel in Moscow

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out Transfer to the airport (w/o guide) Flight to St-Petersburg (not included) Arrival, transfer to hotel (w/o guide) Check-in Overnight at hotel in St-Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel 10:00 Meeting with English-speaking guide at reception Visit Black sea Coast (the hotels are on the Coast, so the visit is on your own) The Black Sea coast, a holiday dream for a full country. Between the green hills of the Caucasus and this sea which is so beautiful, with its mild and temperate subtropical climate, the Russian Riviera will have everything you need. Proceed to Sochi City Tour: Sochi city tour takes you to the main attractions of the summer capital of Russia, the Russian Riviera, the host city of Winter Olympics 2014 and FIFA World Cup 2018 and the favourite vacation destination of the Soviet elite. Visit Olympic Sochi & fountain water show The Russian government gave its all for the sports venues of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and completely dazzled international crowds. Sochi Olympic Park, also known as Olimpiyskiy Park, is full of great attractions. Overnight at a hotel in Sochi

Breakfast at the hotel Check-out Transfer to the airport (w/o guide) Flight to St-Petersburg (not included) Arrival, transfer to hotel (w/o guide) Overnight at hotel in St-Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel 10:00 Meeting with English-speaking guide at reception Proceed to St Petersburg City Tour. This is a 3-hour orientation tour that will take you around the city and to the famous stops and buildings of St. Petersburg. Entry tickets are not included in the city tour. The city tour will cover the main street located in the heart of the city: Nevsky avenue; along with the Bronze Horseman: a monument of Emperor Peter I, who opened the window to Europe for Russia, Blood of the Savior Cathedral and the majestic Isaac Cathedral will also be covered in the tour. Visit to The Peter and Paul Fortress (only territory). The Peter and Paul Fortress is the oldest landmark of the city. It was built back in 1704 by the founder of the city, Peter the Great. After Peter & Paul fortress became the main Russian prison for political criminals. Moreover, during the Red Terror of the KGB it has become a place of execution. Visit St Petersburg Mosque. The Saint Petersburg Mosque, when opened in 1913, was the largest mosque in Europe outside Turkey, its minarets 49 meters in height and the dome is 39 meters high. The mosque is situated in downtown St Petersburg. It can accommodate up to five thousand worshippers. Visit Outlet Pulkovo village. 18:00 End of services at the hotel Overnight at hotel in St Petersburg



Frequently asked questions

Russia is the largest nation in the world and it has wide range of options to explore. The entire country still flourishes in its rich culture and heritage, simultaneously developing in terms of infrastructure, technology and trends. This country is surrounded by European as well as Asian countries, so it sports a unique culture. The tourist places in Russia is a paradise for history lovers as the various monuments and sites that each have a story to discover. The country also flourishes in ancient art styles, being a treat for artistry tourists. Each region of the country has a historical story and deserves separate attention. It is very important to note the climate of Russia and plan your visit accordingly as many attractions and places are subject to seasonal changes and you might miss out on them. There are about 23 UNESCO World heritage centres with a few more lined up as a tentative list and hence the culture and heritage attracts tourists all over the world. The tourism industry has seen a big boom in the recent years. While most of your time will be occupied by visiting the heritage sites, do not miss the local street markets and food that will have you in for surprise. The food of Russia is definitely unique and will have your taste buds in for a surprise. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that bureaucracy and occasional inconveniences may come in your way, especially in places away from the urban cities and thus it is important to keep in mind certain do’s and don’ts during you visit there. You plan your trip well and ensure you have a fun, fulfilling and safe trip.

The best time to visit Russia is during the summer months that extend from May to October. That is because Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world and it is important to note the climate well in advance and then plan a visit accordingly. As many places and attractions are subject to various seasonal changes you definitely do not want to miss out on them. You can also plan a visit during the spring time as the summer months happen to be high travel season for tourists that make the country a crowded destination. So, if you desire a good time but amidst lesser crowds then plan your visit during spring.

The easiest and best way to reach Russia is by taking a flight to reach Moscow. Russia’s Sheremetyevo International Airport is the major airport and there are many direct flights from various countries that land here. You could also reach Russia via the Volga-Baltic waterway if you are coming from Europe. And, again if you are coming from Europe, you can reach Russia through the Russian Railways. But, if you are going from India for instance, then the best way to reach Moscow would be to take a direct flight via the Russian Airline named Aeroflot and reach the International Airport of Sheremetyevo. It would take about six hours to reach Moscow.

Yes, you require a visa for visiting Russia because there is no option of visa on arrival. And, you can get a Russian Visa by visiting the nearest consulate in your city. You will require specific documents for the process of visa and those include confirmed tickets, passport validation, and stay confirmation. In about twenty days you will get your visa but you must apply well in advance because visa processing takes time. You have to download the application form and reach the Russian Consulate for further processes and interviews.

No, traveling to Russia is not that expensive as compared to other countries of Europe. Russia is cheaper for the Indians as you could expect to shell out anywhere close to 6000 INR per day. And in dollars that amount would be around 49 US dollars a day.

Yes, Russia is safe for tourism because you will never come across any news of violent crimes committed in broad daylight. But, having said that no country is free of crimes so you may encounter petty crimes like pickpocketing. Take basic precautions and you are good to go.

Seven to ten days are more than enough for a thorough Russia tour. During this span of time you can visit the Russian Capitals, Moscow and St Petersburg without overcoming any hassles.

The Russian Currency is called Russian Ruble and the code of the currency is RUB. 1 RUB= 1.13 INR while 1 USD = 57.98 RUB. You can easily get your money exchanged in bureaus of airport exchange, hotels, and banks. It is vital to remember that exchanging money with the Russian street vendors is illegal, unlike other countries. You also cannot trade with Euros and US dollars, transactions will happen through RUB.

1. Drink liquor at Kot Schrodingera: You must experience unconventional cocktail servings at the zestful yet unusual bar of Kot Shredingera. Every drink has a unique taste, colors and the serving cups are contrasting and unusual. 2. Visit the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow: Catch some of the most refined classical musical performances by Romantic composers in this mega amphitheater. 3. Enjoy the music and dance scene at Krysha Mira: The atmosphere at Krysha Mira is invigorating and if you desire to witness the river and cities bird’s eye view or soak in some foot tapping electronic music scenes, then this club is for you. 4. Night stroll in the Red Square: Enjoy a liberating and free stroll at night in the Red Square that houses some of the popular landmarks like St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and Kremlin. 5. Catch art performances and shows at the Bolshoi Theatre: If you are a fan of theatrical performances or performing arts then you cannot miss Moscow’s Legendary Bolshoi Theatre that hosts several classic orchestral music and Russian opera performances. 6. Experience nightlife at the SOHO Rooms: SOHO Rooms is one of the most upscale and glitzy nightclubs that presents you with the ideal escape with their cutting edge light and sound systems, disco room, bar, and restaurant. 7. Photograph at Gorky Park: When Gorky Park hosts no fun fairs, festivals, and open concerts in the evenings you can make the most of the dazzling ambiance there. Enjoy a long and quiet stroll while clicking pictures.

1. Moscow: On the “Golden Ring” road trip route, you will come across Moscow that houses the mighty city square called the Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre and other iconic locations. 2. Plyos: When you go road tripping you will come across the charming Plyos. It is a city that is situated on the Volga River and is known for its art museums. 3. Vladimir: During the road trip in the city, you will stop at the destination of Vladimir that is a must visit for any art connoisseur as it houses fashionable cafes, golden domes and ancient churches. 4. Suzdal: Very near to Vladimir this picturesque and small beautiful town of Suzdal is one of the most hospitable cozy cities with monasteries, churches, and wooden houses galore. 5. Yaroslavl: Yaroslavl is a site of world heritage. And, it is known for the religious architecture of Assumption Cathedral’s gilded towers, planetarium, and numerous theaters. 6. Kostroma: Standing on the Volga River’s banks, the city of Kostroma is considered a paradise for lovers of history and art as there are the Romanovsky Museum, Ipatiev Monastery, and Russian-style buildings.

Yes, it is advisable to have some vaccines taken before your travel to Russia. Apart from the routine background vaccines such as tetanus, some of the other vaccines recommended are : typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, Japanese encephalitis and Tick-borne encephalitis.

The local language used to communicate in Russia is Russian. It can be quite difficult to communicate with the locals without knowing the language. It is advisable to have an English speaking guide with you at all times or if you feel privacy would be invaded that way, carry a Russian dictionary/language book along with you to make it easier. Some common phrases that may be useful to you during your travel are: Hello - Zdravstvuyte Thank you - Spasibo Good morning – dobroye utro What is the price of this?– Kakova tsena etogo? How far is this place? – naskol'ko daleko eto mesto? How are you – Kak dela?

There are numerous heritage sites in Russia that travellers can visit. Some of them are also certified UNESCO heritage sites and the top ones are: Convert your cash to Russian Ruble before getting there and always have the local currency in hand. Don’t carry too much cash in your wallet. Carry a Russian dictionary or book that will help you communicate – or hire a local English speaking guide. Bargain your fares with the taxi driver.

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