The world went through unprecedented agony, almost ‘world war’ like tragedy and suffered huge losses battered by the pandemic. The travel industry in terms of business took the biggest beating. Anxiety about travel had reached a humungous peak. Economic effected travel globally, since so many people had lost income during the pandemic Necessary business trips are undertaken with considerable apprehension. Journeys people once took for sheer pleasure now look threatening and dangerous, even irresponsible.

COVID-19-related travel conditions will complicate holidays for the foreseeable future – including potential measures like requiring people to vaccinated. COVID-19 continues to affect travel by forcing governments to impose country-specific bans and restrictions. However, with most of the world vaccinated now and programmes in place, many of us hope to travel again at some point in the near future, even if not immediately. With that in mind, what are the factors that will shape our travel decisions in a post-pandemic era?

Although we can safely say that the worst is behind us, significant restrictions are still in place, travel agency adverts have become more frequent recently. Holiday bookings have once again begun to soar as people look beyond the pandemic.

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These past challenges will shape our decisions when it comes to choosing a holiday. Now that the impact of the pandemic is considered negligible, the days of choosing holidays based on destination or attractions will be over. Instead, the industry and travellers alike will be much more concerned with personal needs.

Travellers will have much higher expectations of hospitality service providers and be much more demanding. In order to keep up, the industry should prioritise offering services, facilities and experiences that cater to wellness, health, and overall wellbeing. They will need to focus on high hygiene standards, which tourists are expected to yearn.

It won’t be surprising to see trends like health tourism, wellness tourism, spiritual and potentially religious tourism rising in popularity too. Thanks to the pandemic, tourists are paying more attention than ever to these needs whether they’re urgent health concerns, luxury treatments, or the pursuit of wellness after over a year of living with restrictions.

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The tourism industry has a unique opportunity to reflect on its future. If it wants to make an impact, it needs to prioritise providing quality, affordable experiences and putting customers first. Promoting specific destinations and landmarks will be the highlight. Though, this may be difficult in the face of restrictive and ever-changing travel corridors, but the travel industry has little choice but to remodel holidays around catering to the wants and desires of the customers.

The pause that nature imposed on us gives us the gift of time to consider how we can travel more consciously. With a renewed commitment to sustainable tourism to creative ways to globetrot, travel industry can certainly bounce back. And travel can be the biggest distributor of wealth the world has ever seen!

The knowledge that the world is full of adventures and excitements begging for exploration urges one to ask the question “where should I travel to next?”