TRAWEL MART is a travel and tours organisation in Bangalore & Mumbai and Chennai – India, laid its foundation to be a “One-Stop” Travel Management Company.

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Around the world travel is a perfect way to get out of a routine and transit from one stage in life and into the next great life adventure.

Travel expands a persons perspective. Meeting people from other cultures teaches you that the way you’ve been looking at the world is not necessary the way everybody else does. Travel helps you realize that what you consider normal or right and wrong is a subjective reflection of your values and beliefs that they’ve developed from their past experiences and socialization within the culture they were born into. Travel is a great eye opener that might uncover some of THE blind spots and/or challenge some beliefs.

Travel challenges. Travel gets you out of routine, comfort zone, certainty and the known. Depending on the destination, a simple thing like finding a good coffee or a pleasant place to sip it could prove to be a sizeable challenge. The unknown is the challenge but at the same time also the beautiful part of travel – it’s a luxury to be able to experience numerous things for the first time, to be in a position where nothing can be taken for granted.

Travel turns you into an adventurous explorer. Not sure what kind of a click happens in the brain, but the moment you step out of a plane, inhale the hot humid air and step onto the soil of an exotic country you change from a routine person into a spontaneous explorer eager for new adventures. If you want to explore all the places that has to offer – see all the attractions, try out new activities, get familiar with the local culture and food…and amidst all that, also get a tan.

Travelling gives you the chance to enjoy living in the moment. In our everyday lives we tend to live as if life is a race, not a journey – rushing from one task to another, multi-tasking, chasing the minutes… and then wonder how fast the year passed. Just as you savor your food by eating it more slowly, you live each and every moment to the fullest by slowing down and being fully present in the now without dwelling in the past or worrying about the future – simply awaking all your senses to the happenings in the world around you in each moment.