Why Iceland?

Iceland is most famous for its rugged landscapes and scenery. The Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls top the list of must-sees. Iceland is also famous for its history and being settled by the Vikings. It is known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” due to its contrasting landscapes.

Why Iceland with Trawel Mart?

Iceland is a popular tourist destination, and people can find 1000s of “Iceland tour packages’ ‘or “Iceland tourism” pages that set an itinerary for “places to visit in Iceland’. While there are several places to visit in Iceland, a holiday is more than just sightseeing. At Trawel Mart we place more importance on the entire travel experience than just the list of places to see in Iceland. From comfortable stays to a carefully-curated itinerary, our holiday packages focus on giving you an experience of Iceland along with a relaxing or adventurous holiday… your choice. Our packages have a range of features suiting travellers of every type, for no two travellers are alike. Planning a perfect trip to Iceland, we’ve got you covered!

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Top Attractions of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin
The Moscow Kremlin

This “Fortress inside a city” is a major tourist attraction of Russia, I mean, this Kremlin Palace! Yes, of course, this is an open fact and everyone knows it very well. It is best known for its Kremlins AKA Russian citadels and includes five palaces, four cathedrals including this “Grand Kremlin Palace” with Kremlin towers.

St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral

Ivan Vasilyevich also known as Ivan Grozny, the first Tsar of Russia, ordered the construction of this cathedral in the mid-16th century and the idea behind the building of this cathedral was to honor the victories of the Russian armies over the independent Tatar khanates of Kazan and Astrakahn.

Red Square
Red Square

 Moscow’s Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) with the Kremlin was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. It is the most famous and largest places to visit in Moscow.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery

An invaluable treasure trove of art, “the State Tretyakov Gallery” was built in the year 1856. Unlike the name suggests, the gallery was not founded by one, but by two brothers Tretyakov and his younger brother Sergei.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most popular tourist attraction and is considered the no. 1 must-visit place in Iceland. It's a huge outdoor geothermal pool with a distinctive blue or milky blue color and nice warm temperatures. Best known as 'The land of fire and ice' is simply down to the volcanic and glacial terrains that continue to shape Iceland's nature as well as heavily influencing Iceland's culture.

Ice-walking, ice-climbing, snowmobiling, and sailing on glacier lagoons are exciting and unique activities. You can go on glacier adventures on day tours from Reykjavik or include them in longer trips in the countryside.

Iceland in 8-12 days. 8-12 days is an ideal amount of time to spend in Iceland as it means you can explore different regions. You could drive around the Ring Road in a full circle to reach the diverse corners of Iceland, from the South Coast to eastern fjords, around North Iceland and over to the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

You have to be at least 21 years old and have held your driver's license for a minimum of three years to rent a car in Iceland. If you are under the age of 25, you may have to pay a young driver surcharge.

112 is the single emergency number in Iceland, representing all the response parties to accidents, fire, crime, search, rescue and natural disasters on land.

Here's what to pack for Iceland: • Fleece jacket/lightweight wool sweater. • Rainproof/windproof jacket. • Rain pants. • Sturdy walking shoes with a good tread/grip. • Gloves. • Scarves. • Hat (toque/beanie) • Swimsuit.

The Nordic culture, vast landscapes, alluring sights, mesmerizing glaciers, and majestic wildlife, these are just some reasons why an Iceland honeymoon makes for a great idea. With many things to offer, Iceland is a perfect getaway with your partner to enjoy some intimate and engaging time.

There are two ways of getting to Iceland; by airplane or by ferry. Around 20 airlines offer regular flights from destinations in Europe and North America to Keflavik airport all year round. Those who prefer to bring their own car can take the Norröna ferry instead from Denmark.

Relatively mild winters and cool summers characterize Iceland's oceanic climate. The average monthly temperature varies from -3 to +3 °C in January and from +8 to +15°C in July. Storms and rain are frequent, with annual precipitation ranging from 400 to 4000 mm on average annually, depending on location.

Supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol of any kind but most restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol. The only stores that are allowed to sell alcohol are government owned alcohol stores called Vínbúðin. People under the age of 20 are not allowed to buy alcohol of any kind in Iceland.

In Iceland, universal access to health care is enshrined in law. As a result, the country has no private health insurance and the island's 290,000 residents rely on a national health service—state-run hospitals and primary health care centers—at minimal charge.

Iceland's interactive museums, geothermal pools, and animals make for the perfect trip to Iceland with toddlers and kids of six years and under.

Iceland is a country with one of the world's lowest crime rates, ranking consecutively in 1st place on the Global Peace Index, and home to no animal predators dangerous to man.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular times to visit Iceland are during the late spring, summer, and early fall months. This is when the weather is ideal and all the venues open their doors, inviting guests to stay, eat, and drink.

• Icelandic Fish. ... • Kleinur: The Twisted Doughnut. ... • Bragðarefur: A Tasty Fox or the Trixter (Ice Cream) ... • Hákarl: Fermented Shark. ... • Svið: Sheep's Head. ... • Pylsa: The Icelandic Hot Dog. ... • Skyr: The “Icelandic Yogurt” ... • Flatkaka með Hangikjöti: Flatbread with Sliced Smoked Lamb.

Smoking cigarettes is legal in Iceland.

Sometimes all-inclusive packages can be a better deal than booking your reservations individually. This is because travel companies are able to buy up large volumes of hotel rooms and flights at one time and sell them to customers at a discount.

• Don't do things just because everyone else is doing it. ... • Don't assume that everything you'll do in Iceland will be expensive. ... • Don't tip. ... • Don't buy bottled water. ... • Don't expect that you can see everything during your stay. ... • Don't get speeding tickets!

The following items may not be imported: toxic and hazardous substances; narcotics; chewing tobacco and finely powdered snuff; uncooked meat products; certain foodstuffs (meat products may be imported if they have been boiled or canned); weapons; and knives with blades exceeding 12 cm.

There is no hop-on / hop-off bus pass available that spans around the whole island. The bus network, however, is extensive and makes it possible to travel the whole circle. In addition to strætó, local bus networks operate in the East and the Westfjords of Iceland.

It was originally committed to laissez-faire economics, but shifted its economic policies leftwards in the 1930s, accepting the creation of a welfare state. The party is liberal concerning social issues and has historically been less conservative than other Centre-right parties in Scandinavia.

Iceland has a late-night lifestyle ingrained into its culture: Many locals don't go out until after midnight, and some venues stay open as late as 4:30-5:30 am on weekends. Bars range from chilled out, cozy pubs to the louder party venues.

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