Why Cambodia and Vietnam?

Vietnam & Cambodia will give one a mix of everything: natural beauty, adventure, ancient architecture and ruins, peace and tranquility, all packaged with a vivid nightlife (in Ho Chi Minh) and a gorgeous shopping scene. If one wishes to experience all this and more, they must plan a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Why Cambodia and Vietnam with Trawel Mart?

Cambodia and Vietnam are a popular tourist destination, and people can find 1000s of “Cambodia Vietnam tour packages’ ‘or “Cambodia Vietnam tourism” pages that set an itinerary for “places to visit in Cambodia’. While there are several places to visit in Cambodia, a holiday is more than just sightseeing. At Trawel Mart we place more importance on the entire travel experience than just the list of places to see in Vietnam and Cambodia. From comfortable stays to a carefully-curated itinerary, our holiday Cambodia Vietnam packages focus on giving you an experience of Cambodia and Vietnam along with a relaxing or adventurous holiday… your choice. Our packages have a range of features suiting travellers of every type, for no two travellers are alike. Planning a perfect trip Cambodia and Vietnam, we’ve got you covered!

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Top Attractions of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin
The Moscow Kremlin

This “Fortress inside a city” is a major tourist attraction of Russia, I mean, this Kremlin Palace! Yes, of course, this is an open fact and everyone knows it very well. It is best known for its Kremlins AKA Russian citadels and includes five palaces, four cathedrals including this “Grand Kremlin Palace” with Kremlin towers.

St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral

Ivan Vasilyevich also known as Ivan Grozny, the first Tsar of Russia, ordered the construction of this cathedral in the mid-16th century and the idea behind the building of this cathedral was to honor the victories of the Russian armies over the independent Tatar khanates of Kazan and Astrakahn.

Red Square
Red Square

 Moscow’s Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) with the Kremlin was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. It is the most famous and largest places to visit in Moscow.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery

An invaluable treasure trove of art, “the State Tretyakov Gallery” was built in the year 1856. Unlike the name suggests, the gallery was not founded by one, but by two brothers Tretyakov and his younger brother Sergei.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cambodia is a beautiful and versatile country. From tropical beaches to lush forest and ancient temples to hip cities, Cambodia has plenty to offer any visitor. As a result, it's becoming a more and more popular destination for backpackers and luxury travelers alike. Best known as both the home of the colossal temples of Angkor Wat. With epic tropical beauty, ancient temples, amazing food scene and vibrant nightlife, Vietnam truly has a chaotic charm to it that attracts people from across the globe.

Some of the popular activities that tourists engage in are biking, witnessing the exceptional performance in Apsara Dance, indulging in cruising, and tantalising their taste buds with Cambodian cuisine. The Best Things to Do in Vietnam: Explore the World's Biggest Caves in Phong, Check Out Vietnam on a Motorbike. Learn About the Local Culture. Cruise Along the Mekong Delta. Sandboard Down the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne. Walk the Streets of Hoi An Ancient Town. Go on a Vespa Tour.

In short, yes! While Cambodia might have a bit of checkered reputation it's actually very safe to travel, is politically stable, and most visits are trouble free. According to the UN, Cambodia is actually ranked higher for safety than countries including Vietnam, Portugal and Nepal.

The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and April, when it sees very little rain. During this time, you'll see clear blue skies making it a great time to enjoy a relaxing getaway on the southern coast.

A typical Cambodian meal would normally consist of a soup, a salad, a main fish dish, vegetables and rice. A Cambodian dessert, normally based on fresh fruits and sticky rice, complement the meal. In the Khmer diet, rice and freshwater fish play big roles because of the abundance of both. Pho is arguably the most popular food in Vietnam. It is served both at restaurants and in families, eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This famous dish is basically rice noodle soup but the broth is seasoned in a very unique way that appeals to almost everyone.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor workplaces and indoor public places except for airports, which may have designated smoking rooms. All public transportation is smoke free.

The US dollar is the main currency in Cambodia but the Cambodian Riel is becoming more widely used. Prices in hotels, shops and restaurants are now usually quoted in US dollars and Riel. Change of less than $10 will generally be given in Riel at a rate of around 4000 Riels/US$1. The official currency in Vietnam is the Vietnam đồng, symbolized by ₫ or VND. Vietnamese notes are a mix of small paper bills (no coins are used), and larger polymer bills, in values from 10,000 VND to 500,000 VND.

• Shorts and t-shirts for the heat (always carry something to cover up) • Long, loose pants. • Long-sleeved cotton or linen shirts and tops. • Pashmina or other fabric to use to cover up. • Comfortable walking shoes or boots. • Waterproof items including a raincoat. • Lightweight jacket.

Full of history and beauty, Cambodia and Vietnam is truly an ideal romantic destination for a honeymoon.

The best response to how to reach Cambodia and Vietnam is to take a direct flight. One can board a flight from any of the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. The major airports of Cambodia are Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport.

Tuk tuk is the most popular mode of transport in Cambodia, with the two-wheel carriages being pulled out by motorbike. Again, there's no shortage of tuk tuks — although the number drastically decreases after about 10pm — waiting to take tourists about, usually at heavily inflated prices. Motorbike or scooter is the most commonly used means in Vietnam.

Currently there is minimal regulation for alcohol in the country. There is no legal minimum age for alcohol use, no limitations on sale or advertising of alcohol, no health warnings and some of the lowest taxes on alcohol in the South-East Asian region.

The Cambodia nightlife scene is quite locally orientated, though foreigners are amply catered for by the country's many bars, restaurants and clubs. Some clubs open for 24 hours and others barely close early. The restaurant scene runs parallel, that's to say late, along with the nightclubs.

The family travelers and foreign residents in Cambodia we spoke to all recommended Cambodia and Vietnam as a Southeast Asian destination for families seeking something a little different from the Thai resort experience. It's a family-friendly place if you understand the challenges of traveling with kids in a developing country.

You should plan to spend around ៛201,847 ($49) per day on your vacation in Cambodia, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ៛50,997 ($12) on meals for one day and ៛24,295 ($5.90) on local transportation.

Two weeks is the ideal length of stay in Cambodia. With 14 days to spend, you can take an in-depth trip of the country and explore its architecture, culture, history, nature, and cuisine.

With 5 locations across Cambodia, Avis has the most car rental centers out of any other rental agency. Phnom Penh is one of the most popular cities to visit in Cambodia, and you should have no trouble renting a car from one of Avis's 3 locations around the city. The only way to rent a car in Vietnam is with a Vietnamese driving license. You can obtain a Vietnamese driving license by converting your own driving license to a Vietnamese one, or by applying for a new Vietnamese driving license. Depending on where you are, this can be done at various locations.

Cambodia's emergency hotline numbers are: 119 for emergencies (023-723840 in English), 118 for fire incidents and 117 for police assistance (097-7780002 in English). The local equivalents to the number “911” line in Vietnam is 113 for police calls, 114 for fire and 115 for ambulance.

• Avoid Carrying Single Currency. • Don't Go for Elephant Rides. • Avoid Drinking Tap Water. • Avoid Feeding or Giving Money To The Beggars. • Do Not Disrespect Monks. • Don't Take Your Skin for Granted. • Don't Rely Totally on Internet. • Strolling Casually into The Temples Isn't Allowed.

Sometimes all-inclusive packages can be a better deal than booking your reservations individually, according to Saglie. This is because travel companies are able to buy up large volumes of hotel rooms and flights at one time and sell them to customers at a discount.

Cambodia and Vietnam are one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. There really aren't any big money-saving tips here unless you go out of your way to find the most expensive things to see or do.

Cambodia currently prohibits the commercial importation of the following products: narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors, toxic waste and poisonous chemicals and substances, and certain pesticides.

The weather between these seasons is transitional. Maximum temperatures are high throughout the year, ranging from about 82 to 83 °F (28 °C) in January, the coolest month, to about 95 °F (35 °C) in April.

Cambodia and Vietnam have made clear strides in healthcare. In 1990 the average life expectancy from birth was just 53.6 years. But between 1997 and 2019 the average life expectancy from birth rose by 13 years, from 56.2 years to 69.3 years, according to United Nations Development Program's data.

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