Why Bali?

Bali is an amazing destination for a holiday and tops several avid travellers’ bucket lists. With cool blue oceans and breezy sands with palm tree backdrops, Bali is the stuff of dreams. It is one of the best tropical island destinations for a holiday! Bali has several other natural beauties for you to check out ranging from tall mountains to picturesque waterfalls, which are definitely going to blow you away. The beauty of Bali is immense and overwhelming, and getting lost in it is the best way to spend a holiday!

Why Bali with Trawel Mart?

Bali is a popular tourist destination, and people can find 1000s of “Bali tour packages’ ‘ or “Bali tourism” pages that set an itinerary for “places to visit in Bali’. While there are several places to visit in Bali, a holiday is more than just sightseeing. At Trawel Mart we place more importance on the entire travel experience than just the list of places to see in Bali or any other destination. From comfortable stays to a carefully-curated itinerary, our Bali holiday packages focus on giving you an experience of Bali along with a relaxing or adventurous holiday… your choice. Our packages have a range of features suiting travellers of every type, for no two travellers are alike. Planning a perfect trip to Bali? We’ve got you covered!

Top Attractions of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin
The Moscow Kremlin

This “Fortress inside a city” is a major tourist attraction of Russia, I mean, this Kremlin Palace! Yes, of course, this is an open fact and everyone knows it very well. It is best known for its Kremlins AKA Russian citadels and includes five palaces, four cathedrals including this “Grand Kremlin Palace” with Kremlin towers.

St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral

Ivan Vasilyevich also known as Ivan Grozny, the first Tsar of Russia, ordered the construction of this cathedral in the mid-16th century and the idea behind the building of this cathedral was to honor the victories of the Russian armies over the independent Tatar khanates of Kazan and Astrakahn.

Red Square
Red Square

 Moscow’s Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) with the Kremlin was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. It is the most famous and largest places to visit in Moscow.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery

An invaluable treasure trove of art, “the State Tretyakov Gallery” was built in the year 1856. Unlike the name suggests, the gallery was not founded by one, but by two brothers Tretyakov and his younger brother Sergei.

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Bali, Indonesia

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Bali, Indonesia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bali is known for its stunning natural beauty with green mountains, sapphire blue seas, and diamond white sands. Besides these, Bali also has several picturesque lagoons, waterfalls, coves and caves for people to explore.

Bali is kid-friendly and has several activities for all ages.

Bali being an island is a haven for several watersports, from scuba diving to snorkelling, Bali offers all types of water activities.

Your per day expenses could average to about 4k per couple including stays and travel, but booking packages usually helps reduce the cost.

Bali is completely safe for all types of travellers, and the place is pretty tourist friendly.

At least 7 to 10 days.

Although Bali is climatically comfortable throughout the year, and is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Bali is from April to October, the summer months in Bali.

Yes you can rent both bikes and cars in Bali, and many popular vehicle rental brands operate in Bali.

Balinese cuisine is a cuisine tradition of Balinese people from the volcanic island of Bali. Using a variety of spices, blended with the fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Part of Indonesian cuisine, it demonstrates indigenous traditions, as well as influences from other Indonesian regional cuisine, Chinese and Indian.

No, though there are some religious groups against it.

Smoking laws may not be strict, but it is illegal to smoke in public places in Bali.

For main emergencies, people can use 112. Ambulance - 118. Search & Rescue - 111, 115, 151 Police - 110 Fire - 113

Yes, January 26th (Republic Day), October 2nd (Gandhi Jayanthi), and August 15th (Independence Day), are dry days in Andamans. Additionally, the 7th of every month and the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month are also dry days. It is better for people to buy alcohol beforehand if they plan to partake during these days.

Yes, it definitely works in your favour to book an all-inclusive package, as all elements of your trip will be taken care of by us, and you can travel worry-free.

While you should pack the usual essential items, it would also be recommended to pack the following: Mosquito repellent | Hand sanitizers | Mask | Hiking Boots and equipment | Bathing suits | Towels | Sunscreen | Clothes for warm weather

Bali is actually quite affordable as there are budget-friendly stays and travel options, and food there is pretty cheap too, depending on where you eat.

Depending on your trip’s duration, you should plan to spend about 5k for 2 people in a day, and bring accordingly.

Do Not Enter The Temples With Your Shoes On. Avoid Drinking Tap Water. Do Not Visit Temples Wearing Revealing Clothes. Avoid Using Your Left Hand For Giving Or Accepting Things. Drug Possession And Consumption Can Land You In Jail. Maintain Decorum During Nyepi. Honking Without Reason Is Prohibited. Do Not Point Your Toes Towards A Buddha Statue Or Symbol. Do Not Mock Religious Processions.

Yes, Bali is in fact a top honeymoon and romantic destination!

There are no serious laws that are unique to Bali, but you should just be mindful not disrespect them, their culture, or their religion and customs.

By Air. Travelling by air is the best way to reach Bali from India. As many of the airlines have a layover at Kuala Lumpur, one can choose to book a flight from major cities of India up to Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Public transport can be quite limited. There are shuttle buses, but they are limited. ‘Bemos’ or mini-buses are a more viable option. Taxis are also popular, but they can scam you, and you should prefer the blue taxis which may be more honest.

In Bali, the wet season is comfortable, humid, and overcast and the dry season is warm and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 13 degrees to 27 degrees celsius.

Yes, most Balinese people are religious.

There is no specific alcohol law that people should be aware of, but several religious groups are constantly lobbying to pass a law to ban the sale and consumption of Alcohol. But the law hasn’t been passed as of yet.

Bali is known for its raving parties and pubs, and offers a good nightlife scene for avid party-goers.

The healthcare system is probably not very advanced, but it does provide ample care for emergencies.

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