What To Expect On An Andaman Adventure?

Azure blue bays, sparkling cool waters, and everything you would want from an amazing island holiday awaits those who pick an Andaman Tourism Package! The Andamans have several tourist attractions, besides their mesmerising beaches! Most people would have heard of Port Blair, but Andaman has several islands like Havelock Island, Neill Island, and more. These islands each hold hidden treasures of experiences for solo, family, and other group travellers. The beautiful beaches and water activities in Andaman tour packages, accentuate the vacation beautifully. What to expect from Andaman Tourism you ask? Nothing short of a fun adventure that also rejuvenates the mind and soul!

Why Andaman with Trawelmart?

Trawelmart tourism packages always have something for everyone, no matter what they want from their holiday. We curate our packages to include as many varied and significant attractions as possible, depending on your stay period. But if you still haven’t found the Andaman holiday package you’re looking for, we got you covered! Customise your own holiday with our customisable tour packages for an experience as unique as you. And we will be with you every step of the way, ensuring all details are to perfection! Feel like an island getaway? Then Andamans is the way to go!

Top Attractions of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin
The Moscow Kremlin

This “Fortress inside a city” is a major tourist attraction of Russia, I mean, this Kremlin Palace! Yes, of course, this is an open fact and everyone knows it very well. It is best known for its Kremlins AKA Russian citadels and includes five palaces, four cathedrals including this “Grand Kremlin Palace” with Kremlin towers.

St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral

Ivan Vasilyevich also known as Ivan Grozny, the first Tsar of Russia, ordered the construction of this cathedral in the mid-16th century and the idea behind the building of this cathedral was to honor the victories of the Russian armies over the independent Tatar khanates of Kazan and Astrakahn.

Red Square
Red Square

 Moscow’s Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) with the Kremlin was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. It is the most famous and largest places to visit in Moscow.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery

An invaluable treasure trove of art, “the State Tretyakov Gallery” was built in the year 1856. Unlike the name suggests, the gallery was not founded by one, but by two brothers Tretyakov and his younger brother Sergei.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Andamans Islands is an archipelago host to several exotic tourist attractions, including a Jail! It is also home to an array of beautiful beaches, promising the best island getaway in India.

Yes, Andamans has several attractions where you can take your baby. The place is also safe to travel with kids.

Depending on your stay and transport, people can expect to spend upwards of 10k on their Andaman holiday. The stays might be a little expensive, but they can find affordable food and transport. Another expense might be the entry fees into certain attractions and places.

People should carry up to 20k or 30k for couples who are spending about 4 to 5 days in Andamans. But if you opt for cheaper stay, restaurants and use public transport, you can further limit your expenses.

One major thing to remember before visiting Andamans is, there are native tribes there who like their privacy. In fact, most of the Nicobar Islands are closed to tourists. You need a special pass to visit them. It is essential you don’t invade the tribals’ privacy, and don’t trespass into restricted areas.

Ideally, tourists should spend 6 to 7 days in Andamans to explore all the islands and thoroughly experience all they have to offer.

While you can visit Andamans any time and enjoy its beauty, summer is the best season to explore this archipelago. If you’re a beach person, you’ll love the ambience, the crowd, and the environment during the summers. Summer is also the best time to experience the festive spirit of the island through its festivals and events like the Island Tourism festival, which is a two-week festival celebrating the culture and tradition of Andamans, the Subash Mela, an event to commemorate the birth of Subash Chandra Bose, and the Block Mela, an event organised to capture the essence of the lifestyle of the locals and their diverse cultures.

One important law that tourists should keep in mind is that there are special laws that help safeguard the rights and privacy of the native tribes. These laws mean that certain areas or even certain islands are off-limits to tourists. People should respect that, and ensure they have the necessary passes before entering those areas. Another point to remember is that Andamans is a plastic-free and litter-free zone, and tourists should take care to maintain their surroundings, and ensure 0 plastic waste.

Once on the islands, tourists can use taxis, minibuses, auto rickshaws, and ferries to get around the islands. Ferries take people from one island to the other, taxis and autos can be used to get around the island.

The Andamans have a tropical climate, meaning it will be hot most of the year. People can expect humidity throughout the year. The monsoon which hits around September to November might cause heavy rains, but otherwise Andamans experiences relatively stable weather.

Yes, vegetarians can easily avail vegetarian cuisines in almost all restaurants. Only veg restaurants exist as well. And the Andamans serve a range of cuisines, ensuring everyone has something they enjoy.

There are restaurants which serve vegetarian dishes along with non-vegetarian dishes, and there are quite a few pure vegetarian restaurants as well in Dubai. A lot of restaurants are found at Karama Centre, Jumeirah, Bur Dubai and so on, which mostly offer Indian and South Asian cuisines.

Yes, January 26th (Republic Day), October 2nd (Gandhi Jayanthi), and August 15th (Independence Day), are dry days in Andamans. Additionally, the 7th of every month and the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month are also dry days. It is better for people to buy alcohol beforehand if they plan to partake during these days.

In case of any emergency, tourists can make use of Andamans’ emergency numbers, same as the rest of India – Police (100), Fire (101). There are several ambulance services available across Andamans, and the government ambulance service numbers are - 232102 / 233473

Yes, it definitely works in your favour to book an all-inclusive package, as all elements of your trip will be taken care of by us, and you can travel worry-free.

While you should pack the usual essential items, it would also be recommended to pack the following: Mosquito repellent | Hand sanitizers | Mask | Hiking Boots and equipment | Bathing suits | Towels | Sunscreen | Clothes for warm weather

People can expect to spend 4000 to 6000 for a couple per day, including stay, travel, food, attractions, etc.

Andamans is completely safe for all types of travellers, and the place is pretty tourist friendly. It is better to stay away from the islands during rain as water levels can rise, but otherwise the Andamans are a completely safe holiday destination.

An island vacation is always a good idea for couples, and the Andamans is a popular honeymoon destination.

Tourists in Andaman should be mindful of the following, Certain Islands need special passes of entry. Certain places on tourist islands also require special passes. Smoking in public is an offence. It is best to always carry ID proofs. Andaman is a litter-free zone.

the Andamans exist from Delhi, Kolkata, Vizag, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. There is only one commercial airport, the Veer Savarkar Airport in Port Blair. From Port Blair, tourists can board ferries to the other islands.

Tourists can easily hire cars, two-wheelers, and even cycles for sightseeing. Many tourists hire cycles on Neill and Ross Islands as they are small.

Andaman cuisine doesn’t vary much from Indian cuisine and is mostly fish-based dishes, being an island. People can enjoy a variety of fish dishes in any restaurant, and they can also enjoy most Indian cuisines.

People can expect to spend about 1000 to 1500 per day on good food and drinks in the Andamans. But if they are willing to eat in roadside eateries and food stalls, they can expect to spend less.

No, Alcohol is not prohibited on the Andaman Islands.

Alcohol outlets are closed every month on the 7th, which is the pay day, and on 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month. Plus, a maximum of two full bottles (apx. 750 ml) or four beers are permitted per person for sale in these shops.

Yes, tourists can smoke in Andamans, but not in public places. Certain cafes and restaurants may have separate smoking areas, and it is best to confirm before you smoke.

Andamans has a very good network of hospitals and clinics, and people can get reliable healthcare on any of the islands. There are a number of government and private hospitals in Andamans, which provide good and quality facilities.

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