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About Us

Mohan Sundar

Dear Guest

Thank you very much for considering us as your holiday partner. We can confidently state that your choice is perfect, in the sense that all the leisure tour products you will see in our Website are very articulately designed. We have considered your likings, changing trends in tourism, new emerging destinations, experiences and feedback of past tourists and your aspirations as well.

Interesting innovations, properly chalked-out tour programs, professional and caring tour escorts, motivated travel consultants and the urge to give something good through tourism – all this truly makes our work satisfying and fun.

Let's be happy forever!

K.Mohan Sundar

Managing Director

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Welcome to Trawel Mart World Tours PVT Ltd!

TRAWEL MART is a travel and tours organisation in Bangalore & Mumbai and Chennai - India, laid its foundation to be a "One-Stop" Travel Management Company.

Trawel Mart provides travel services for both domestic and international travellers for the past few years. The company has developed tourism related business such as Airline Ticketing , Outbound , Inbound , Ground Transport and Hotel Reservation in India and International.

Trawel Mart is a dynamic organization seeking constantly to explore new avenues in the travel and tourism arena. The company began its operation by providing travel and tour services mainly to individual travellers.

As the company grew, We started to expand its operations to corporate organizations. Today , TRAWEL MART is able to meet the needs of individuals as well as corporate travelling for both business and pleasure.

Trawel Mart realizes the need and necessities to benefit both overseas and domestic travellers. To further enhance its competitiveness, the company has embarked on various expansion plans to strengthen its position in the tourism industry. The company's exclusively tailored inbound and outbound tours are very popular with both foreign and local tourists.

Trawel Mart has been serving many multinationals companies in India and as well abroad for their business travel requirements. Our comprehensive service includes strong business representations for various major "Airlines" and "International Hotels" having consistently being ranked amongst the top travel companies in India.


To establish and maintain TRAWEL MART as the most highlighted travel agency, reliable, enthusiastic tour operator with superior customer service and to provide an extra value added service to the customers.


To continuously expand our customer base by being a proactive travel service company and provide comprehensive range of travel services products.

Company Goal

  1. To grow and recognized in the Travel industry.
  2. To generate more revenue and focusing on profitability by maintaining good image of the company.
  3. Successfully position the company as corporate, business, outbound and inbound specialist.
  4. Develope a repeat business base of loyal customers


  1. Towards Customers
  2. Value customers from all walks of life
  3. Priority importance to be given
  4. Be fair to all dealings
  5. Open book policy and be transparent
  6. Towards Travel Partner's And Supplier's
  7. Commit to protect and uphold the accepted norms and ethics
  8. Maintain good relationship in the Travel Industry
  9. To be a responsible travel provider